OR To allocate a feature to the next unused key, double-click the required feature. Every incorrectly made key setting will lead to errors during subsequent operation. The following manufacturers have matching TAPI drivers: Hicom E Office V1. Select the settings described and click OK. The devices indicated with an ar- row must be installed.

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If the telephone is integrated in a call pickup group PU groupyou can ask your system administrator to check the number of stations in the PU group and the allocation of sub- scribers to the Hicom Tqpi line cards. The following dialog will appear: Click here to sign up. Double-click the new setup. If you now reconnect the computer and the telephone callnridge the USB cable, the Hardware wiz- ard will start automatically see Section 3.

CallBridge Collection converts these into the appropriate protocol elements for the relevant Siemens communication platform. Under Windows NT 4. KSIKerpen, Germany: Tpai the settings described and click OK. We hope to provide real value callbridve the end user while demonstrating the power of TeleTools. TeleTools is ideal for telephony enabling existing applications at the desktop, PBX, or server level.


Developers can invest confidently in the longevity and successful track record of the ExceleTel TeleTools suite of products. Select Search for the best driver in these locations and Include this location in the search.

This document is dated December and is copyrighted to Siemens AG OR To clear all keys, click the Clear Keys button. You can now proceed to install the current USB drivers.

etSiemens Sample Program

TAPI is a standard defined by Microsoft that enables non-manufacturer-dependent telephone applications to be used on manufacturer-specific hardware. Directly connected callbeidge are then directly TAPI-enabled.

Legal Notices Sunday February 14, If you want to use the cen- tral Outlook address book, you will also need another commercially available telephone appli- cation, such as Siemens HiPath SimplyPhone for Outlook V3. Click Configure and follow the dialogs see Section 4.

Close your TAPI application. Help Center Caklbridge new research papers in: The following information is based on in-house tests, manufacturer’s information or specialized press. Select the option Search for the best driver for your device Recommended and confirm with Next.

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List of available TAPI-drivers

Before updating ca,lbridge USB drivers, you must deinstall the old drivers. Set the following features on the communication platform: The default key assignment is set when you click the Default button.

AGI Subject to availability. To prove it, we built this sample using our TeleTools Enterprise Edition. To allocate a feature to a particular key, double-click the required feature and drag it to the key.

etSiemens Sample Program

The dialing devices marked with “tested” were tapl only for the respective version and configuration. We’ve also added Speed Dial and a Call Log feature that you won’t find on your handset. Select the TSP and the communication platform and click Next. The following manufacturers have matching TAPI drivers: The CallBridge installation is now complete.

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