I have a picture of the printer the Despooler with the International NO symbol across it on my screen. If the document still prints in black and white, try printing from another application program. Why doesn’t the Status Monitor box in Windows 95 or 98 appear with the Despooler? Headphones by David Carnoy Dec 17, Parallel Port Scanners Sometimes Epson printers have problems working with Parallel port scanners, as the scanner software will conflict with the Epson printer management software. If the condition persists, obtain a replacement printer driver.

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System Requirements OS Required. If the printer check works, check the application software for correct installation. If the printer does not move or make any noise for more than 5 minutes, turn off the printer. How do I calibrate my printer? Ptinter you have already installed it and the printer is printing correctly, change the cartridge immediately.

Uninstall then reinstall the printer driver software. If you want to change printer messages and warnings, click the Configuration button.

The printer sounds like it is printing, but no ink is on the paper. Another troubleshooting test to try is moving the printer to another computer. Check to see if there are any stalled print jobs in the Spool Manager. Increasing or maximizing physical RAM, lowering the print resolution, and enabling “High Speed” in the driver will also help speed up the process. Delete any queued print jobs and remove the check mark from the word “Hold” under the Queue menu.


Reload the paper making sure the paper edge guide is adjusted to fit the paper’s width. If you’re not already familiar with forums, watch our Welcome Guide to get started.

Check the printer driver to make sure that the color option is selected, then try printing again. If there is excess ink, carefully clean the inside of the printer with a soft, dry cloth.

Close any open Windows down, then Reboot the computer. Make sure you are using an interface cable that meets both the printer and computer specifications see Chapter 1 page 4 for System Requirements. Open the Queue, Setup and make sure the spool directory changed to the new unique directory. Why does the printed image have incorrect or missing pfinter Why won’t anything print from my application? Make sure the printer is fully-shielded and meets the printer’s specifications.

Remove the paper and reload a new stack ensuring that spson printable side is face up. Tablets by Dan Ackerman 8 days ago.

Epson 600Q for Compaq Presario

The black or color Ink Out light is flashing or on solid. The resolution of your image may also be set too low.


Click the Status Monitor icon. To increase the speed when printing black text only, set your printer driver to the Black ink option, try setting the Print Quality to Economy, turn MicroWeave off and High Speed on, and choose No Halftoning. Also, the Halftoning and Color Adjustment Mode options may be set incorrectly for your document type.

UKT Support – Epson Q For Compaq Presario

Because your monitor and printer use different technologies to represent colors, your printed colors can’t exactly match the colors you see on your monitor screen. Disconnect and reconnect the cable on both the printer and computer. Tablets by David Carnoy 7 days ago. Personal printer – ink-jet – color. If you see conflict error messages or printing is very slow, the problem may be caused by temporary files in the EPSON Spool Manager temporary file directory.

Welcome to Tech Support Guy! The Ink option in the printer driver may be set to Black instead of Color. Highlight your printer in the Spool Manager Program.

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