I’ve moved to a Corsair mechanical keyboard and noticed the Zboard didn’t give me any advantage in games. It’s like this great invention no one makes! I can now make my own layouts again! I did an update driver and then ‘browse my computer’ followed by ‘let me pick’ and selected the previously installed unsigned driver I had been using. Works fine with Xim 3, Edge and 4. I was flipping a lot of switches regarding the old driver and compatibility mode. Holy shit thank you so much!

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DarkGreenfire Created on August 10, By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. I guess that’s “default” mode.

After the last update the butterfly keys on iideazon left don’t work any longer on my zboard. Thanks Microsoft and SteelSeries. I’m looking into some ideazon ku-0453 to have the script only affect a specific Ideazon ku-0453 keyboard, but it’s relatively slow-going; it looks like ideazon ku-0453 LUAMacros alongside AHK may do the trick, but it’s kludgy.

Click My feedback at the top, then find the item you submitted it may take a while to ideazoon.

Help on Zboard keyboard driver incompatibility : Windows10

Please remain respectful to users at all times. This issue has happened in the past. Please try this link. ideazon ku-0453

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Eventually they were bought out by Steel Series that kept the zboard name. Ku-0543 use ideazon ku-0453 renaming method that I posted here.

Can anyone confirm that the gaming buttons specifically on the left side work with this keyboard on XIM4? Hell, is like to price a programmer to ideazon ku-0453 some drivers.

Ideazon ku-0453 nothing is like the Merc keyboard in the terms of ideazon ku-0453 and programmability. Not sure why it didn’t, but here is how I got it to work the ‘safe way’. Just be sure to change your Windows update settings. They are now “Omni” everything.


ideazon ku-0453 I like ideazon ku-0453 Fang so much I bought 3 of them, knowing it’s a niche product and would be hard to find in years to come.

I findally did get it working by using the Steel Series “generic” driver thing.

I didnt read every single word now, sorry. WASD back in the game – thanks very much mate, worked a treat swapping out for your kernel2k. If you have any other queries, you can ideazon ku-0453 us anytime.

Proposed as answer by jonyat Wednesday, October 11, 1: As for the WDK once installed you don’t really do anything with it. I kept fiddling and got it! I don’t use profiles, btw, or the custom features. Chiming in here to say this is the update that broke my zboard merc. An article that talks some about it: When was this update?


Ideazon ku-0453 tried this fix about a week ago, and idfazon it worked, I did ideazon ku-0453 like how it leaves the PC in a vulnerable mode.

Someone’s posted a possible solution here:. I can program keys, add custom mods, etc.

Ideazon Z Merc Gaming Wired USB Keyboard PC KU0453 Nr

Luckily, I’m rarely in such a hurry that I can’t hit the toggle between using the Fang and typing! Just OK through them Here I’ve just done some basic re-mapping, and included an F12 toggle to turn the script on and off, because one of the big limitations here is that this script affects ALL keyboard input. Easier access to crouch was ireazon useful in death-matching, as I had long suffered for not crouching ideazon ku-0453 fire-fights because my hand got tired from making the necessary claw with a ideazon ku-0453 keyboard.