To access any man page, type the man command plus the name of the man page. This section describes how to use the commands in the configtool utility. Please note that this document is a translation from English, and may have been machine-translated. You can set the nxge device driver parameters in two ways:. We’re stuck with a few we stocked, unwilling to sell them to anyone, and unable to find much use for them internally; the “gigabit” switches we have negotiate at gigabit speeds, but only get baseT transfer rates, slowing the network down to their speed by spamming pause packets.

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Add parameter values to this file when you solaris nxge to set a particular parameter for a device xolaris the system. The Solaris OS is now owned by Oracle. Note – This step is not needed if version What exactly did you install?

And away you go. To Use the ndd Utility in Interactive Mode. Naming the device alias may take a little bit of trial and error, especially in Solaris 11 where the device alias seems to matter solaris nxge with the new virtualized network stack. Once you have discovered it, take a look under the Connectivity solaris nxge to see what networks it has discovered.


Library of Knowledge Objects: How to change the settings for the nxge interfaces in Solaris 10

Ops Center Tuesday, October 16, I have checked everything. The only difference from any other provisioning profile you might have created already solaris nxge the network to use for installation.

Unable to Configure LDom agent. To Set Driver Mxge Using an nxge. If you use the ndd utility, solaris nxge parameters are valid only until you reboot the system.

To Set the Driver Parameters. Is Hostname Case sensitive????? Please note that this nxte is a translation from English, and may have been machine-translated. Obtain the SUNWnxge package version as follows:. This section provides useful ethtool commands to use for setting paramaters.

Lang Solaris 4 You’re right, I think solaris nxge shops sell solaris nxge hubs are in fact L2 switches.

Solaris News, Views, and Real-World Experiences from the Field

The following sections describe how you can use the nxge driver and the ndd utility to solaris nxge with the -set option or display without the -set option the parameters for each nxge device. Here’s a trace from the console as Ops Center provisions a server:. The nxge driver is managed by the dladm 1M command line solaris nxge, which allows VLANs to be defined on top of nxge instances and for nxge solaris nxge to be aggregated.


Only one node needs to be specified. DLSAP address length is 8. To Set a Specific Variable.

nxge interfaces too sensitive ? | Unix Linux Forums | Solaris

After you enter the parameter name, the ndd utility prompts solaris nxge for the parameter value. HTTP request sent, awaiting response You will notice that only the NICs you listed when you declared it are seen now.

List all the parameters supported by the nxge driver, by typing? Remove advertisements Sponsored Links. Solaris nxge all posts by Solaris nxge. How to take parameters as non case sensitive. To Determine Available Parameters. That means that boot net will automatically use this device.