In the end, it’ll be much easier just to decide what you want to do. If you want to record the audio, then you will also need a stereo audio track. I believe an upgrade allowed it to read Type 1s. The CP manual is really confusing to newbies and it doesn’t say anything about what you can really do with the DP. I could just use the piano as a trigger, but then I’m stuck with a very limited sound bank that I’m unhappy with.

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It is an agreement between you as individual or a legal entity and Yamaha Corporation “Yamaha”. I have connected it yamahx Garageband and yamaha cp300 midi it to record. The SMF format was created as an industry standard, of sorts, so that people could share MIDI files regardless of what system they were using. If you do not agree, do not use the software.

Yamaha Downloads USB-MIDI Driver

Have you installed the driver? Set the output of the aux to a stereo bus and set the input of the audio track to the same bus. All times are GMT The time now is ymaha Along yamaha cp300 midi the General MIDI spec, SMFs were used yamaha cp300 midi tons of software back in the ‘s to generate music in computer games and other programs, as they could easily be played back on Soundblaster-compatible sound cards.


I’ve been using a USB cable to connect them. I’m not even sure how to yamaha cp300 midi MIDI with it. You’re better off using an external sequencer for your SMF storage and playback.

Find all posts by albee I’m new here to the forum and midj to using computers with keyboards and yamaha cp300 midi some serious help with basic questions. Help FAQs Go to top. Albee, I must be doing something wrong.

Most sequencers, whether those that operate as computer programs or those that operate in keyboards themselves, save files in a proprietary yajaha. I can, of course, get signal by using a regular audio track, but that only creates a wave file that I cannot edit like MIDI.

However, I won’t be able to utilize the quantize function and really make yamaha cp300 midi easy on my pianist.

Yamaha CP300 Owner’s Manual: Midi Settings—basic Operation

This particular keyboard only has a USB out Glad I answered some of your question. Then you will need: I believe an upgrade allowed it to read Type 1s. The manual doesn’t mention any way to download files midi or smf’s. Note that you can use an instrument track in place of the MIDI and aux inputs, as that is all an instrument track yamaha cp300 midi anyway, How can I do this? This means that the yamaha cp300 midi can’t be shared between different platforms.


If you do not agree with the terms, do not download, install, copy, or otherwise use this software program s.

Help Newbie – How to Download MIDI files to CP300

You’ve mentioned wanting to do about five different things here. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Yamaha yamaha cp300 midi V2 and Protools 6. Call up a stereo instrument track and set the audio inputs to match where the Yamaha is plugged in.

Thank you all for the reply.

You yamaha cp300 midi only permitted to use this software program pursuant to the terms and conditions of the attached Software License Agreement “Agreement”. Then you could just use that for your backing tracks and plug it into the Yamaha cp300 midi internal speaker inputs if you wish for a nice combo. Since SMF’s can be pretty small you can put a dozen or more files in there but not enough for a gig.

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